Astahov Andrey

general director of Open Joint-Stock Company “Moskovskiy business incubator”

“Although our company is working in absolutely another sphere than real estate sector, we carefully follow the activities of our colleagues.

Clearly adjusted strategy of the group impresses most of all. In my opinion it’s harmonious system of development and day-to-day activities strategic planning of individual element as well as the whole group all in all that leads each time to creation by the market of called-for product”.

Branovitskiy Igor
chief executive of group of companies “Mirozdanie”

“Investment and building holding company RODEX Group proved itself to be a reputable and reliable partner who is governed by the principles of developed market what implicates an absolute transparency of relations with investors, clients and partners. The holding company disposes of excellent specialists who are the absolute professionals of their business. RODEX Group is a brand which is considered to be the quality mark of units on the low-rise country houses market”.

Gudkov Vladimir
President of joint-stock commercial bank “Investment mercantile bank” (“Investitsioniy torgoviy bank”) (Open JSC)

“Rodex Group is one of the leading participants of the country houses market which showed itself as a reliable partner with an excellent reputation. By its fourteenth anniversary the company has reached substantial results. Holding company has a stable development, it introduces new technologies of the low-rise country houses building and actively extends the federal developers network in regions of Russia. Joint-stock commercial bank “Investtorgbank” is always ready to support and finance projects of RODEX Group”.

Kogan Alexander
deputy chairman of Committee on budget and taxes of State Duma, Federal Assembly of RF; coordinator of the “Own house” project; member of faction “Edinaya Rossiya” (“United Russia”)

“There is no way to fulfill the task of increasing the house building volume in RF, which was set by the President of RF D.A. Medvedev and the speaker of the Government of RF V.V. Putin, without bringing into use the potential of low-rise building. It was significant to note that now it is talked about houses at a reasonable price, comfortable for living and which are built with taking into consideration all new technologies. RODEX Group company is reputed to be the leader on the market of low-rise country houses building and it is also considered to be an example for many companies, the synergy of which favors the good realization of the project “Available and comfortable houses for citizens of Russia”.

Litinetskaya Matiya
managing director of the company Blackwood

«RODEX Group is a reliable developer which has a lot of interesting projects of country settlements to its credit. I consider “Slavenka” settlement to be one of the best offer in economy-class segment mainly due to a good quality-price ratio”.

Nikolaeva Elena
President of the National agency of low-rise and cottage building (NAMIKS)

“Investment and building holding company RODEX Group is an complete cycle organization on the market of country development. As one of the leaders in systemic development of the national low-rise country building market, the holding company is implementing a principle of complex territory development and actively invests in regional projects. All this is aimed at creation of conceptually united and functionally comfortable cottages and holiday villages of constant and temporary residence. With full understanding of the necessity of constructive collaboration between business and state in sphere of housing construction, RODEX Group actively participats in the realization of the national project with high priority “Available and comfortable houses for citizens of Russia”. The company also works in intimate contact with the National agency of low-rise and cottage building. During last years the holding company has successfully started up its activity in various regions of Russia and now it continues to expand its positive working experience in the segment of holiday village and cottage building”.

Sayfutdinov Timur
General director of the company “Terra-real estate”

“The company deals with various niches and it didn’t venture to start (and start very successfully) with economy-class after having defined the major participants. The company not only just exploits and clones the successful business idea which has been found one day but it also implements every time new, nonstandard ideas and forms the market with their help”.

Stupenkov Oleg
chairman of board of directors of the prize “Settlement of the year”

“RODEX has occupied a niche which hasn’t been occupied by serious developers yet. The company copes with so called “remote holiday villages” prices on which are not so high. That strategy helps to provide an adequate price on real estate. In my opinion, the strategy of the holding company is much more interesting than strategies of other big investors, which build cities for millionaires on the remote territories and which erect super expensive mansions. RODEX Group has chosen the way of correct and secured and repayable investment what is proved by the selling rate”.

Tomas Dukala
Vice-president of the investbank Morgan Stanley in Russia

“RODEX Group has reached the level of leading developers and now it occupies the respectable position among active builders on the low-rise country house building market in Russia”.

Chukarov Aleksandr
General director of «ВЕСК» Co Ltd

“Currently RODEX Group is considered to be one of the most famous in Russia companies in the cottage building market. It has stored a substantial experience of collaborating with companies and organizations; it also has realized the peculiarity of the sector, its problems and needs. The substantial expansion of RODEX Group operations and its transformation from investment and building holding company into the biggest national developer with a network of regional management companies indicates the right choice of development strategy and resource allocation system, as well as the further preparation of the company for IPO”.


Adolf  Olga, manager (holiday village «Troitsa», sector № 31)

“Very positive emotions from the sale office appearance in the settlement. The price and the quality of wooden house were suitable that’s why we bought the house without doubts”.

Dovgeyko Elena Petrovna – the owner of the 1000th house, manager (holiday village «Mayak», sector № 80)
“Close location of reservoir has helped us to pick out the holiday village «Mayak». We bought the house there for our parents. “Mayak” is a very comfortable village with central communications”.

Dolgov Alexander Petrovich, manager (holiday village «Monastyrskoe ozero», sector № 40)
“The village «Monastyrskoe lake» makes a very good impression due to its location, well-engineered infrastructure, nice architectural solutions, optimal (in my opinion) amount of houses. A crucial thing that helped to buy the house was price-quality ratio, constructing infrastructural objects simultaneously with cottages (what is not offered by some other developers), optimum distance from Moscow, transport availability (Novorigskoe highway is considered to be one of the best) as well as good ecological situation in the region”.

Sarkisyan Gennadiy, IT-manager (holiday village «Troitsa», sector № 45)
“My decision to buy a house in village “Troitsa” was influenced by the reputation of RODEX Group developer. I have a good image about the village, otherwise I would not buy a house there”.

Syskov Ivan Alexandrovich, manager of a bank (holiday village «Mayak», sector № 155)
“I was choosing a house in village “Mayak” because of my wish to have my own dacha near water. The price-quality ratio has influenced a lot. RODEX Group workers approved themselves to be professionals of their business”.

Harlamov Michail Ilyich, manager (holiday village «Mayak», sector № 54)
“I think that RODEX Group is one of the leading companies dealing with cottage settlement building. We were choosing the house in holiday village “Sosnovye berega” but bought the house in “Mayak” because we were pleased with the price-quality ratio, good location of the village and closeness of Mogayskoe reservoir”.